Attend or Schedule a Forensology Form at Your Place!


  • Are you feeling frustrated, depressed, anxious, disconnected, angry, indecisive, or are you self-sabotaging?
  • Are you have problems in relationships?
  • Bored with life and unsure why?
  • Trying to decide on a career?
  • Difficulty setting goals or following through on commitments?
  • Unfulfilled with life, confused, contemplating a relocation or job change, deciding whether or not to leave a relationship, or trying to make other life-changing decisions, or anything else?

Don't go to a psychic, go to a forensic handwriting expert :)

You already know the answer to any question that keeps you up at night but you can't tap into it because you have an emotional attachment to the outcome. That's why we often talk ourselves out of change.

Instead, a forensic handwriting expert like Dr. Mozelle Martin does not have any attachment to your outcome so can easily and quickly tap into your blocks, fears, and more to guide you toward the answers in your mind.


Through forensic analysis of your handwriting.

In this public event, Mozelle will address your concerns and give you optional handwriting (graphological) changes to help you achieve your goal or outcome. YOU will remain 100% anonymous but your handwriting is projected onto a wall.

Nobody knows it is your writing except you.

Did you know that the act of HANDWRITING uses more neurological brain activity than any other activity, except for language (including thoughts), which is # 1? If you are curious, music is #3.

In this group setting, you get to connect with other awesome people and learn from other’s guidance and experience as well. This group experience will give you clarity and guidance while likely even increasing your self-awareness and even spirituality.



1. When you arrive, you will head to the table where there  are specific sizes and types of paper to write on. Pens will also be supplied.

2. After you write your question, comment, or statement  (about whateve keeps you awake at night and robs you  of happiness and peace), you will drop it in a container.

3. Next, it’s time to find your seat and socialize with other  attendees.

4. When we begin, someone (usually my husband) will mix up the samples in the container.

5. I will then randomly draw a sample out one-by-one  and… let the science begin!

COST? Only $22 for a powerful experience that can change your life!

WATCH A LIVE EVENT BELOW... then scroll down for sample questions.