Analyze This! Mobile App


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This parody app is for YOU if you refuse to pay a professional to provide a true, scientific personality profile. This app is for YOU if you think that analyzing handwriting is just cool or interesting, or if you expect the app to tell your fortune. In fact, this app was created because of people wasting the professional's time & expecting a free analysis.

So, if you are one of those people, this app is definitely for you!

If you DO wish to have some fun, download the app today.

However, this app is NOT for you if you understand that handwriting analysis is a true, valid, proven science and that all professionals (like your dentist, auto mechanic, psychologist, hairstylist, nail tech, etc.) charge for their skills, knowledge, and services. This app is NOT for you if you understand that receiving a service from the professional directly is ALWAYS better than an entertaining, parody app.

So, if you analyzed yourself and your ego was bruised, you didn't like the results, or you expected your future to be revealed, you may want to give this app a "bad review". So we ask that, before you do so, visit to find out what to expect from it first. Chances are, you did not understand the true purpose of this app at all.

Plus, we have a lot of jealous competitors and vicious trolls who like to give us low reviews on everything we do. Unfortunately, when you give us a low review, we just think you are one of them and don't really take your review seriously. Sorry, that's just the way it is.

Finally, this app does work with most forms of Latin, English, European, Canadian, and American writing systems. Have fun & expect conflicting information.

If you want the REAL TRUTH about someone's personality, hire the real expert, Dr. Mozelle Martin.