I have authored several books, including a forensic book series called The Housecall Analyst.

Hi! I’m Dr. Mozelle Martin, a Forensic Handwriting Expert, retired Trauma Therapist, and relentless research junkie. During my 14 years of college, I acquired a Bachelor's in Forensic Psychology from Kaplan University, a Master's in Criminology from the University of the Rockies, a Certification in Crime Scene Investigation from SCI, and a Ph.D. in Applied Ethics from Provident University. 

I believe that my initiation into the forensic field occurred when I was a child. Not only did I begin learning forensic handwriting analysis on my 11th birthday, but by that age, I had also discovered several dead bodies. By age 13, I had my entire career planned out. 


In fact, in 1987, I made up and copyrighted the term "Forensology" to represent my dual career of forensics and psychology.
During my early and mid-career, I studied with some of the world's best schools. Since then, I have contracted with several investigative agencies worldwide to teach and consult on high-profile and cold case investigations. I was a Forensic Consultant for the former Criminal Minds television show and have provided commentaries to many news outlets across the USA.

I have consulted in cases such as Michael Jackson, Darlie Routier, Scott Peterson, Jodi Arias. I have also worked on cases for agencies such as the Find Me Group, Cold Case Foundation, Missing & Exploited Children, Lost Child Network, 4theKids, Streetcats International, and...